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Group B

Aliya  Tubooncharoen (violin)ThailandViolinGroup BFourth Prize
River Ashley BrownUnited StatesViolinGroup BSecond Prize

Group C

Albert Wei-Chen Chang United StatesViolinGroup CFirst Prize
Sherry Tse ChinaViolinGroup CFirst Prize
Huang Zheng Xin Curtis Hong KongViolinGroup CSecond Prize
Josephine Motum AustraliaViolinGroup CThird Prize
Lewis Wang AustraliaViolinGroup CThird Prize
John Elijah Bendicion PhilippinesViolinGroup CFourth Prize
I-Shiang Wang TaiwanViolinGroup CHonorable Mention

Group D

Nadia SayedUnited StatesViolinGroup DFourth Prize

Group E

Guo Ru AustraliaViolinGroup EFirst Prize
Philip Schuszter AustriaViolinGroup EFirst Prize
Robert Seyranyan ArmeniaViolinGroup EFirst Prize
Ecmel Nevâ Bildik TurkeyViolinGroup ESecond Prize
Elena Marchetti ItalyViolinGroup ESecond Prize
Kate Masuda  United StatesViolinGroup EThird Prize
Maelys Lauriac FranceViolinGroup EThird Prize
Myla Bonneville United KingdomViolinGroup EThird Prize
Isaac Lai CanadaViolinGroup EFourth Prize
Jamie XU United StatesViolinGroup ESpecial Mention
Purinut Pitucthawatchai ThailandViolinGroup EHonorable Mention
Yul Christian Lee South KoreaViolinGroup EHonorable Mention

Group F

Georgia Baldea RomaniaViolinGroup FFirst Prize
Cordelia Momo Fredrickson United StatesViolinGroup FFirst Prize
Lena Kim United StatesViolinGroup FFirst Prize
Mia Robarts United StatesViolinGroup FFirst Prize
Noelle Streuber-Eden United States ViolinGroup FFirst Prize
Rozalia Bryła PolandViolinGroup FFirst Prize
Butaru Sofia RomaniaViolinGroup FSecond Prize
Julia Reifsnyder United StatesViolinGroup FSecond Prize
Miranda Cheng United StatesViolinGroup FSecond Prize
Wiktoria Martuszewska PolandViolinGroup FSecond Prize
Yena Oh United StatesViolinGroup FSecond Prize
Alicia Li United StatesViolinGroup FThird Prize
Meredith Thompson United StatesViolinGroup FThird Prize
To Sum Yuet Tanya Hong KongViolinGroup FThird Prize
Eidee Laurel Tan United StatesViolinGroup FFourth Prize
Simon Kirjner United StatesViolinGroup FFourth Prize
Xiayang Huang United StatesViolinGroup FFourth Prize

Group G

Elizabeth KaszyckiUnited StatesViolinGroup GSecond Prize
Weronika MartuszewskaPolandViolinGroup GSecond Prize
Mia OehmUnited StatesViolinGroup GThird Prize
Saiya Sahai MittalUnited StatesViolinGroup GThird Prize
Faith ChisUnited StatesViolinGroup GSpecial Mention

Group H

Julia Jones United StatesViolinGroup HFirst Prize
Moritz Rudloff GermanyViolinGroup HFirst Prize
Christoforos Petridis GreeceViolinGroup HSecond Prize
Maksymilian Gromek PolandViolinGroup HThird Prize
Parvu Georgica Alexandru RomaniaViolinGroup HThird Prize
Miriam Powroslo PolandViolinGroup HFourth Prize

Group I

Celeste MilliganAustraliaViolinGroup ISpecial Mention

Group L

Daniel MihaiRomaniaViolinGroup LSecond Prize
Giovanni Battista ScuderiItalyViolinGroup LThird Prize
Tak KwanCanadaViolinGroup LHonorable Mention
Tony DouglasUnited StatesViolinGroup LHonorable Mention