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Group D

Erik Poliak & Lev PhilippovAustraliaChamber Music Group DFourth Prize

Group E

Trio Con BrioUnited StatesChamber Music Group EThird Prize

Group F

Oliver Chen and Owen ChenUnited StatesChamber Music Group FSecond Prize

Group I

Wach&Zając DuoPolandChamber Music Group IFirst Prize

Group J

Khachaturian TrioChinaChamber Music Group JThird Prize
Impromptu Duo String’sIndonesiaChamber Music Group JSpecial Mention

Group K

Buczek&Chmiel DuoPolandChamber Music Group KSecond Prize
Duo BlumenMexicoChamber Music Group KFourth Prize

Group L

ManaNao DuoJapanChamber Music Group LFirst Prize
Chen Shen – Anton Mangold DuoGermanyChamber Music Group LSpecial Mention
Duo SōlitudeUnited StatesChamber Music Group LSpecial Mention
Delle Alqualondeva & Noldoli LirileUnited StatesChamber Music Group LSpecial Mention